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Energy Audits


The objective of an Energy Audit is to:


- Determine the energy performance of a facility or item of plant

- Identify and Quantify the Principal Energy flows

- Identify & Quantify achievable energy savings

- Produce costed recommendations to achieve energy cost savings

- Make recommendations on the future energy management of the facility


This may examine boiler plant. heating/cooling systems, ventilation, building fabric, lighting, electricity use and energy management systems. The audit will produce no cost, low cost and high cost recommendations with payback calculations.


To date Zero Carbon have carried out over 200 audits on behalf of a wide range of commercial, industrial and public sector organisations. We employ a 'System Optimisation' approach to optimiswe the solution for the entire energy system as opposed to focussing on individuals within the system.


Energy Audits can be carried out to ensure compliance with the legistlative requirements in SI426 as our Energy Auditors are registered with SEAI.

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