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Energy Management Systems

Zero Carbon

Energy Efficiency and Energy Management are recognised by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the UNFCCC as the main areas for potential mitigation of Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change


ISO50001 was published in 2011 to assist organisations in implementing structured, sustainable Energy Management Systems (EnMS) to deliver savings in energy, emissions and money. To date over 20,000 organisations have successfully implemented systems that have been certified to ISO50001.


A recent study in the US found that companies which implemented EnMS compliant with ISO50001 as part of the US Department of Energy Superior Energy Performance programme, delivered average savings of 10% within 18 months with a 2 year payback for companies spending >€1.5m on energy annually. 75% of the savings delivered were low cost measures requiring no capital investment.


Zero Carbon have assisted organisations in Ireland, China, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Morocco and Pakistan to implement ISO50001 compliant EnMS.


We would be happy to help you implement a structured Energy Management System in your organisation in order to save money, improve corporate social responsibility, and meet the requirements of SI426